Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pig in a Pink Blanket

For the next week, Robb and I would travel back and forth to see the babies in the NICU. While I was in the hospital, my sister and Robb, had packed and moved our entire house and belongings from Willis to Devers (our temporary residence). We had been told by the NICU Neonatologists that the babies would probably not come home until their due date (June 26th). So, to our surprise, the doctors mentioned that Laci was not too far from being able to come home. Now after all of our traumatic "we just want our babies with us" talk, we were all of a sudden shocked and scared to death. "It is not time for this! we hastily agreed. "The doctors have lost their minds!" we told anyone that would listen. Our minds were programmed for June 26th and this was early May! Reality was setting in. We had 3 new babies. WE had 3 new babies coming home...to our house...possibly very...very...soon. Hmmm... Paper Bag?

A few days later, Laci Brooke Kirkland, came home. She was oh so tiny, tons of hair, dark skin, and she was a contortionist. Yes, she could bend in ways that seemed highly unnatural considering the parents that birthed her. How I was ever a cheerleader I am not sure. I am NOT flexible. Matter of fact, my mom likes to tell the story of the day she almost broke me in two when she tried to pat my feet to my cheeks. I let out a cry and looked at her in horror. At that point, she realized that I didn't bend that way, the way that most babies bend. No, not me. Laci, on the other hand, was awkwardly and painfully able to bend her neck in ways that could have threatened the best contortionists that Vegas had to offer.

And she was a...pig. Well, she sounded like one anyway. I have never heard so much grunting and snorting in my life. As Robb and I layed in bed that night, we listened. Grunt. Squeal. Snort. Stretch. Cry. Repeat. Would we ever sleep again? Is this how normal babies sound? Or is this little piggy one of a kind?

Quirks aside. She was cute and she was all ours. We were so glad to have her home. Our sweet little pig in a pink blanket...