Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Home

I had a new home, the Woman's Hospital of Texas, and my new surroundings were refreshing. After I checked in, they started me on a Mag drip and my contractions slowed back to what was considered normal. So, I was feeling pretty good. I got new surroundings, new faces to see, and I knew that I was on the home stretch of this journey. Plus, all the worry about my water breaking so far from the hospital was not a problem anymore (I was already there)! Things were looking up and I was glad to have the traffic in and out of my room. I had grown pretty lonely in my fluffy, King size bed back at my mom's house. Although, I had company after five everyday, I was not use to such isolation. It was hard for me, but I learned alot about myself and about God during that time.

So, I settled in to my new bed which had cool controls and buttons. It was a nifty little thing. I didn't even have to keep up with a remote control. In my saavy hospital bed, the remote was built in and could never be lost. The phone was attached and I would be using it ALOT. I could sit up and lay back without even struggling into position - just hit the button and the bed would do that for me. There was no Pooh tray, but there was room service. Real room service with an entire menu of new entrees to experience. Over the course of the next six weeks, I would get wheel chair rides and all the ice cream my heart desired. Pizza delivery was only a phone call away taboot!

But, not everything would be so sweet as those first few days. The excitement would wear off quickly and soon turn to paralyzing fear and uncertainty for us. Life as we knew it was about to unravel.