Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The lady in the room next to me was the wife of a Neonatologist. She, at 46, was also pregnant with triplets. We had the same doctor. She was several weeks further along in her pregnancy than I was which weighed heavily on my mind for a few reasons. One, rumor had it that she couldn't breathe. Nurses talk - even though they were not really suppose to tell me the details of her pregnancy, I knew enough. She was 34 weeks pregnant - WOW- for triplets that is INSANE! That meant that the "we induce women pregnant with triplets around 33 weeks (if you can make it there) theory" was not true. This also concerned me. Now, don't get me wrong - I didn't want my children to be born too early. On the other hand, I was miserable and mentally I was on the 33 weeks or less plan - the thought of anymore time in my bed was horrifying. More horrifying were the other tidbits floating into my room: "we heard Dr. Adam say she might make her go to 38 weeks!" and "she requested oxygen because her stomach is so big she is struggling for air" and "she is carrying 15 POUNDS OF BABY!" Oh my. We lived separated by a wall, but I kept her in my prayers. At that point, I could not fathom (especially at the rate I was gaining weight) getting to 34 weeks. I was not even 31 weeks yet. But, as God would have it, I wouldn't have to.

At 30 weeks and 6 days - my water broke. Again, my doctor was out of town. My contractions had been really painful at this point for 48 hours. Finally, the contractions had gotten the best of Laci's protective sack. It was time. And after all the stress and drama, I was at peace. The doctors felt confident that the babies would be healthy. They had received a bonus 5 weeks in the womb since the last time I had almost delivered at 26 weeks. Those 5 weeks would make all the difference for them. I was ready to meet them. I was ready to stop imagining what they would look like and see for myself. So long bedrest! So long Labor and Delivery ICU! So long room service and 60 degree hospital rooms! So long scales! And last but not least, so long potty chair - may I never have to use you again!

Hello babies A, B, and C! We are so glad you are finally here!