Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coasting on the Rollercoaster

For the moment, we were on level ground. My heart was better. My lungs were free of fluid. Things were looking up. My contractions had returned, but they were sporadic and nothing of concern to my doctor. Finally, this out of control rollercoaster was on a level path. Physically and emotionally we had experienced exhilirating heights and devastating lows. Now, we were coasting and waiting for the finish line. The babies were growing and the colors of their personality began to show. Leyton resided in the upper portion of my uterus and never ventured from his spot. He laid horizontally. Now that I know him, I can just see him smiling with his hands behind his head, waiting to meet his mommy and daddy. If he could have talked he would have said, "I'm being good" as he tells us each night. Each time the nurses would come in to monitor their heartbeats, I could point exactly to the spot they could find Leyton. He never budged.

Seth and Laci were much harder to keep tabs on. In the beginning, Laci lived on my left side and Seth lived on my right side. They were in a very comfortable triangle. After all of my trauma, I guess Seth decided he needed some comforting and moved over on top of Laci. No more perfect triangle. They were BOTH on my left now (how there was room for that I don't know). I even tried to talk someone into moving back over where there was space to wiggle, but neither of them was having it. They were having too much fun playing. Their heartbeats would beat practically in sync at times. Seth was constantly on the move (probably poking Laci and provoking her). He ALWAYS had the hiccups, which could be heard through the heartbeat monitors. Laci was probably telling Seth what to do (and he probably ignored her instruction as he does when they play now). Two peas in a pod - even though there was a third pea in there too!

Today, their play habits are exactly the same as they were then. Leyton prefers to play alone. Laci and Seth are all over each other. We joke that Leyton didn't even know he was a triplet until their 2nd birthday (he was too busy conversing with the adults around him). Seth and Laci have acted like a pair of twins. They love hard, play hard, and fight hard. Just like on this inside.