Monday, March 16, 2009

Along the Way

Along the way, I made some friends - all nurses of course. They knew, probably more than anybody, what I was going through. I was no rare case to them. This was their job. But, they treated me like I was an old friend! To pass the time, they gave me wheelchair rides, brought me magazines, snuck me icecream, answered my questions, listened to my concerns, and most importantly, measured my stomach! When you let someone measure your belly with a tape measure - you naturally become close. It's the rule. So, to my dear Labor and Delivery ICU nurses at The Woman's Hospital of Texas - a HUGE thank you! You made my days brighter and I really appreciate all you did for me.

Along the way, I made notecards (what did you expect - it was BEDREST). :) I needed more scriptures. I felt so inequipped in my faith to support the amount of prayer I knew we needed. I needed to pray God's word - not just random "help me Jesus" prayers that often come out in times of panic. I was determined to be specific. So, I made notecards. Scriptures on fear. Scriptures on hope. Scriptures on life. Scriptures on peace. I felt like having these in my arsenal could truly be life or death for me and my family. And when I got worried, I pulled them out, and spoke them outloud. Why is this important? As I put in a previous post, God does not lie. So, one of our best allies against hardship is praying His promises back to Him. He already knows what He said, but things happen in the spiritual realm when we proclaim those truths out loud.

Along the way, I had alot of people praying for me. The prayer warriors were on top of their game. One perk to living in a small town is that people often know what is going on in your life before you do! In this instance, it would help me tremendously. I am blessed with a very strong, Christian family. They were praying. Their churches were praying. Their friends in other counties and states were praying. I was on prayer lists in multiple churches. I am so thankful for these believers who united to lift us up in prayer - some didn't even know who I was - but they were STILL praying. To those people - THANK YOU. We are about to celebrate the triplets 3rd birthday! I am so grateful that we are ALL alive and healthy to celebrate them and what God has done for our family. It may sound sappy to some, but I don't care. They are miracles and they are here because you helped lift them up to God.

Along the way, I developed tremendous respect for Robb. It's not that it wasn't there before, but my love and admiration for him increased immensely. We had lived apart for the first part of my bedrest so that I could have hands on help while he was coaching his baseball team. Once I went into the hospital, he moved (literally lived) at the hospital with me. They moved him (okay wheeled him) in a bed and he spent every night there with me. His bed was hard as a rock. My room (no kidding) was 60 degrees (and if it could have gone lower it would have). I was a walking (I mean laying) incubator! And he had to live in the igloo! Every night, he ventured outside the hospital to go get me some REAL food (as the hospital menu had become absolutely disgusting)! We had gone through alot. We had cried together and rejoiced together. But, most importantly we had done it all as a couple. Some men, might have said this drama was too tough to deal with and hit the road. Again, he was faithful to me. Despite tough, life changing, circumstances he was there - for better or for worse.



Candie said...

I love dropping in for my inspirational mini-devotion when I read your posts! Enjoy your spring break!

Jessica Kirkland said...

thanks for reading! You enjoy your spring break too!