Thursday, March 19, 2009

3.8 - 3.2 - 3.4

Babies A, B, and C finally lost their letters and got their long awaited names. Baby A became Laci Brooke. Laci weighed 3.8 lbs and proved her strength from the start. Laci never needed oxygen and was scooting across her incubator from the very start. Her little face was really bruised, but that was the only minor problem. Baby B was named Seth Brandon. Brandon is Robb's middle name. When we saw how active "Baby B" was in the womb, we had decided that he acted like his daddy (always on the go), which is why Baby B ended up with Robb's middle name. We were right on target; Seth is definitely like his daddy. His activity outside the womb is a carbon copy of his activity inside the womb. Seth did end up needing a CPAP to help him breathe, but, all in all, he was healthy. They also started giving him caffeine to keep him stimulated (he needed his caffeine like his daddy does). Leyton was perfectly proportional. Robb and I both had a hand in naming him. Robb picked his first name and I picked his middle name - Leyton Carter. Leyton weighed 3.4 lbs. Leyton also needed assistance breathing and got a CPAP as well. All in all, they were alive and healthy. There were no complications, they were just tiny. Sweet, tiny miracles and they were ours. Even though I only got to see them briefly, before they were wisked away to the NICU, seeing them alive and healthy was worth every struggle up to that point.

I, however, was struggling again. I lost double the amount of blood that is considered normal during a c-section. I had been battling anemia for several months for which I had been taking iron pills. The C-section and blood loss had left my Hemoglobin at a 7 (12 - 16 is a normal range for women). I remember watching them take each baby out and whisk them away to the NICU. I remember Robb following the babies out (as we had planned). The next thing I remember was waking up in recovery and asking for water. I felt like I had been run over and I was really thirsty. I asked the nurse for some water and she said no. What? No water? Can't a girl that just had triplets get some service? What I didn't know was that they were waiting for me to wake up to sign a waiver so I could get a blood tranfusion. No water for me. My doctor eventually came by and explained what was about to happen and of course I agreed (although I was so drowsy and half asleep I had no idea what I was even agreeing to). Needless to say, I signed and got a much needed blood transfusion. It was going to be a long week.


Candie said...

wow. I can't beleive you. i mean you seem "just like me". just an ordinary, everyday girl and the more I read the more I can't believe all you've been through. what a pillar of strength and faith you are to me. I like you're new background. :)

Jessica Kirkland said...

Thanks so much! I find it quite funny that we have so much in common as well. Thanks for following!