Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time was marching on. I felt good and the babies seemed healthy-all four of them. Then, one morning I woke up and it seemed that I was miscarrying. I began to emotionally crumble. From day one of "congratulations you're going to be parents" my mind had been running on overdrive. I had mentally done it all. Mentally I had imagined every scenario, good and bad. But, that day, time would stand still for us. All the worry, the elation, the fear, the excitement, could all have been for nothing. All that planning, rehearsing, believing, and realizing our dream to have children seemed to be slipping away. I called Dr. Adam and she told me to come in immediately and to lay flat on my back in the car.

Before she did the sonogram, she mentioned that Baby B (Seth today) might be the reason for all of this. Seth was tiny from the beginning. From the time he was a miniscule circle on the screen, they had said if I lost a baby it would probably be him. So, we actually always expected to lose Baby B. We felt like it was inevitable because of their predictions. That day, it was merely a close call. The placenta from Baby C had pulled off of the wall and bled. No baby was harmed. All four still alive and growing. We were relieved.

Baby B is Seth. Seth weighed 3 lbs 2 oz. at birth. Today, Seth is the biggest of the three weighing in around 29 lbs. He is also the tallest (Sorry Leyton, he has you by 1 3/4"). Seth, according to the doctors, was not suppose to make it to delivery. Everyone had counted him out, but God had a different plan for him. Seth sat up first, rolled over first, crawled first, and walked first. Go Seth! We sure are glad the doctors were wrong about you. Expect the unexpected!


Candie said...

I went to high school in Sonora with Shane. My dad was his football coach. Shane is now the head football coach in Liberty. My husband is currently at Newman Smith in CFB... You know the profession. :0 I'm loving your blog. Keep in touch!