Sunday, February 22, 2009

Technology and Terbutaline...

It was a puzzling contraption. And in my new found "spare time" I pondered its' ability to render aid. Strap to stomach, turn the dial, and watch the hills. The hills were contractions. I would then plug the machine into the phone line and dial a Florida phone number. My report would fax, over the phone, to a team of nurses in Florida. The nurses would then call me with a report. Amazing technology (that often baffles me)! This amazing little contraption and the team that oversaw its' reports would save my babies from being born too early. If I had more than 3 contractions in 30 minutes, I would have to inject myself with Terbutaline to stop them. Then, after taking the medicine, I would have to re-test to make sure it did its' job.

This became routine. It was a monotonous routine, but it was necessary. But, very soon my little technological companion would tell me that things were getting out of hand. And eventually, no piece of technology or medication would be able to stop nature from taking its' course. Our fate would literally rest in the hands of the Great Physician. With fear and chaos looming around the corner, moving forward we would long for the days of bedrest and boredom. Things were beginning to pick up!