Saturday, February 28, 2009

A storm was a brewin'

I love Tornadoes. Their power amazes me. Robb and I joke that I missed my calling as a Tornado Chaser. I am a Storm Stories addict. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be in one. I just like to observe (from a far). I suppose that makes me a Tornado Hypocrite, doesn't it? And unfortunately, sometimes I find that parallel in my spiritual life as well. Don't we all want the comforts of the kingdom without the heat of refinement? Sure, I want to grow closer to Christ, but growing usually hurts. Who wants to be refined? The fire gets awful hot, doesn't it?

When I was twenty-six weeks pregnant, our own personal storm began to brew. During the two weeks prior, my contractions had gotten out of control and I was having to take multiple doses of my medicine to stop them. The nurses decided that it was getting too dangerous for me to stay at home under their watchful eye (from Florida). So, the plan was that I would go to the hospital for more drastic medicinal intervention. AKA a Mag-wash. I would be administered Mag-Sulfate for a few days to flush the terbutaline out of my system. And supposedly, this might enable my body to respond to the Terbutaline again - as my body had gotten desensitized to it.

So, we calmly drove to the hospital that night. No need to panic. I was actually looking forward to the outing. I hadn't been out of the bed since the end of January and it was now Mid-March. The hope was to check in, do the Mag-wash, restart my Terbutaline pump, and maybe even go back home.


Joy Murphy said...

I feel the same about alligators. I LOVE those creepy things..........from afar...

Jessica Kirkland said...

haha. We should venture about 150 yards behind my house. You know there are some seriously large gators back there waiting for you! :) Thank you Trinity River!