Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Pooh Tray

My surgery was finished and it was time to move. Since, baseball season had officially started, we thought it best that I move to my mom's house in Hardin. With Robb being out of pocket so much, we knew that in case of an emergency, I needed available people. So, after my surgery, my magazines, laptop, contraction monitor, and myself moved. I was at the half-way mark. However, I looked in appearance like I was around seven months pregnant. I had taken the "weight deadlines" they had given me and run with them. It was a fun time in the land of green bean casserole and mac-n-cheese. Oh, and I forgot to mention my dear friend, ice cream. We shared some very intimate moments together. Bed rest began rather painlessly. I got a couple of waitresses (my dear mom and sister), a big comfy bed, and all the snacks I desired. And how could I forget, a fabulous Winnie the Pooh serving tray! Since, I was not allowed to leave the bed, I even had to eat there. So, each day the Pooh Tray delivered me exquisite cuisine. It was STAR treatment and the demanded lethargy was beginning to grow on me. Literally!


VWK said...

I remember the "Pooh tray." We talked about it one day when I was visiting you. We talked about the fact that Jana had one of those as a child. It was pretty cute!