Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A New World and A Very Good Day

We had arrived- on a different planet it seemed. A place where the locals didn't speak our language. They used terms like IUI, In Vitro, HCG, and selective reduction; terms foreign to us for sure. Over the next seven months, we would learn alot. Shots in my stomach and negative results would become routine. Finally, one day in September, the nurse called with good news. We were going to be parents and Dr. Gill wanted to see us. I asked the nurse if she thought it could possibly be more than one baby, she did not know. After a year of treatments, we were hoping for twins. She said we would have to wait until the first ultrasound and proceeded to give us the 'Congratulations on being parents BUT' speech. We would hear this speech many times over the next year. The 'BUT', this time was that it was really too early to give me any information. Since I was only two weeks pregnant, there were alot of unknowns. Little did I know.