Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Doctor, A New Day

In September of '04 we were back at the doctor again, this time to try and become parents. We worked with my doctor through December with no success at becoming pregnant. We made the decision to switch doctors after a pharmacist told me I was taking toxic levels of the prescribed fertility treatment. And, like before, I was feeling the effects of these treatments mentally and physically. I was beginning to lose confidence in our health care system and specifically my doctor. I felt deep in my heart like this was a simple matter just not being recognized. But, I was no doctor, so we pressed on. In February, we made an appointment at Houston Fertility Institute in The Woodlands, Texas. I would be seeing Dr. Iberderber Gill or Jimmy to those who couldn't get Iberderber right (needless to say we called him Jimmy).

Dr. Gill was a breath of fresh air. First, he let me know that indeed I was being prescribed the drug Clomid in triple the amount that was safe for a patient. He also said that he tried to limit the use of Clomid as they referred to it in their office as the 'psychotic drug' due to its' harmful effects. Dr. Gill offered us hope and seemed quite confident that starting a family would be no problem at all. The reason that he was a practitioner in the field of Reproductive Medicine was because he and his wife also had trouble becoming pregnant. He knew the devastation of the inability to conceive, the financial costs, and the risks associated with the possibility of delivering multiples. His personal story helped to reassure us that we were in the right place.


Karen Jordan said...

You go, girl! I seen you are posting right along there. I'm so glad to finally hear the whole story of your journey to parenthood.

By the way, I see you found my new blog! I selected the dots, like yours (except w/o the blue background). Blessings this week!

Jessica Kirkland said...

I find myself very at home with the dots. :) Yes, I like the new site-can't wait to see what interesting stories you post.