Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Did I Know

I lay on the table quite comfortably considering that I knew my life was about to change drastically. One human life is a miracle and our hope for two would have been even more miraculous. Robb and I had visions of parenthood and the The World Series dancing in our heads. We were on our way to watch The Astros fight it out in Houston. The nurse came in and begin her search. I was amazed and confused as I saw not one, not two, not three, but four tiny sacks on the screen. The nurse was clicking and not talking. So, I asked the obvious, "Are ALL those sacks babies?!?!?" She quietly set her things down and replied, "Excuse me, but I need to go get the doctor." With that said, we got a little nervous. The doctor came in and proceeded to give us the second of our "Congratulations on being parents, BUT" speeches. This time it went something like: "Congratulations, you are having triplets, BUT you will probably not deliver three babies. The human body sometimes takes care of these things on its' own and it is too early to make any plans accordingly." With stunned, yet grateful, hearts we left. And the fourth sack that I had seen on the screen was said to be only fluid. They did not believe it would be viable. Little did I know.


VWK said...

I remember well. The Astros were about to be in the World Series. We met y'all for dinner, and Robb said, "Well, things would be just perfect if two things would happen...we'd get pregnant and the Astros would win the World Series...and one of those has happened!" Yes!!! I disturbed a few dining guests in our area. Baby on the way! "Little did I know!"

Karen Jordan said...

I'm really glad you're telling your story online. I know it must be a challenge to remember all the details. But what a legacy for your children!