Thursday, February 19, 2009

It Was Time

It was December. And it was time. I kept having this odd feeling. Was I feeling the babies move? Mmm...not sure. Was I physically feeling my stomach stretch? Mmm...still not sure. So, when I went in for an ultrasound and told the doctor of my "weird feeling" she told me that the "weird feeling" was a contraction. Oh, who would have guessed it, a pregnant woman having a contraction! The only problem was it was NOT time for THAT to happen. But, it was time to take some precautionary measures to keep me from having them now. It was time to have a procedure to physically sew them in (yes apparently there was a slight chance of them falling out), time to take a machine home with me, and last but not least time to go to bed. I was okay with the surgery, okay with the machine, but not very okay with the thought of being bound to a bed. I knew it was coming, so I had asked around. It's funny because before I got pregnant with triplets I didn't think I knew anyone else who had multiples greater than twins. After I got pregnant, they seemed to start popping up everywhere. So, I asked the few women that had gone through this already about the different degrees of bedrest. From their stories, I found there to be three different types: 1) the "oh I was supposed to be on bedrest, but I was secretly walking around the block and taking occassional trips to Target 2)the " I layed around most of the time, ate junkfood, and watched alot of Soap Operas" and 3)the "I was bed bound, showers were a privilege, and they even made me use a "potty chair" because my doctor thought the bathroom was too far away." Oh dear...this will be interesting to say the least!

So, naturally, I was hoping my restrictions would be limited, as I had visions of "potty chairs" dancing in my head. Dr. Adam told me that by mid-January I needed to be in bed for real. So, I made her clarify "for real." She said that I could start with the contraction monitoring machine and we would have to see how things worked out. But, that no matter what, mid-January would be my D-Day or shall I say B-Day. But, not the B-Day that comes with cake and candles and lots of nicely wrapped gifts. The B-Day that comes with a remote control, some magazines, a laptop that sleeps with you, and translates Bed-Day. This was the beginning of a new chapter.


Karen Jordan said...

Okay. You are really motivating me to tell my own faith stories in a separate blog. Do I dare try to have three blogs going at the same time? Hum...I'll have to pray about that! Thanks for your encouraging stories. Keep 'em coming! kj