Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In All My Wildest

When you have heard your mother's traumatic childbirth stories your entire life, you find yourself a bit afraid of the whole concept. Why is it that we feel the urge to pass these stories on? It's very 'right of passage' and there is usually no middle of the road story. There is the 30 minute momma- the woman that those of us who felt any kind of pain dislike. The 30 minute momma felt a twinge and the next thing she knew a sweet-faced baby with rosy cheeks was draped in a soft, pink blanket and layed in her arms. We don't like you 30 minute mommma - your story makes us feel weak. Then, there is the 'I thought I would die' momma. We don't like you either because we do NOT want to be you. Your story of excruciating contractions, delirium, and threats frankly scares us.

When I found out I was having triplets, the excitement of becoming a mother soon turned to fear. And since I had been inundated with some very unpleasant tales from the women in my family who had only given birth to ONE child, naturally, I thought that I was certainly going to die trying to give birth to THREE! As Robb and I left the doctors office that day one thing that I remember very vividly was that the office staff looked afraid. I couldn't imagine why a 'Fertility' clinic that dealt with this every day all of a sudden seemed concerned. Their sudden lack of confidence didn't help matters, but we had a game to attend. And we were going to enjoy it; atleast one of us was.


Karen Jordan said...

I agree--I HATE the labor and delivery horror stories! But I don't appreciate the "perfect pregnancy" stories either; they remind me of the facade that some "religious" people wear to hide their imperfections.

Frankly, I've forgotten most of the details from the birth of my children. Maybe time heals the memories. Or perhaps the memory loss of old age may actually be a hidden blessing. Just a few thoughts on your blog...

Jessica Kirkland said...

haha. I am forgetful and I am only 27. Can't wait for old age to get a hold of me. Thanks for the comments!