Friday, February 27, 2009

For Sale By Owner

Finally, we had come to a decision. We would move back to Huntsville, which would put us near some family and be easier for our church family to help us. So, with an agreement finally made, I ran out to Wal-Mart and bought our For Sale By Owner signs for the yard. I really felt in my heart that moving was God's plan for us. I did not know if Huntsville was the right decision, but one step at a time.

The signs were up. The phones were ringing. However, no one seemed truly interested. We knew that it could take a year or more to sell our house, but we didn't have that much time. I had frantically saved the equivalent of 6 months worth of house payments between October and January. I was VERY concerned. Who would have thought I would have to go to bed and not be able to work! It was never a thought that crossed our minds in the fertility doctor. We were so sidetracked by the cost of the fertility drugs that we never thought through the bedrest = no income theory. Hindsight.

Meanwhile, I was having more contractions by the day. My wonderful team of nurses in Florida were having to keep a close watch on my reports. And then it happened. When you are on bedrest it's the simple things that keep you going. A good magazine, a hot shower, sleeping on the left side of the bed instead of the right side. What excitement! My only field trips out of the bed were to use the restroom. I greatly looked forward to my nightly showers and new pajamas. These pleasures came to a screeching halt.

No more showers.

What?!?! How could they strip me of my one and only privilege! The walls seemed a little tighter and the ceiling a little lower. The only thing that hadn't appeared yet was the potty chair. Whew! Atleast not yet.