Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Steps

Tonight we had a date. In Liberty, there are few options. So, it was Chilli's cuisine and a trip to Palais Royal (I know, I know). We pull up to Palais Royal and proceed to far away from the door as possible. So,I said, "Why did you pass up those 4 parking spots right in front of the door?" Robb says, "What's wrong with parking here...its' fine." "But, what made you choose this spot versus the close ones?" "I just wanted to park in this spot, is that okay?"

Okay, so we are different: not wrong, just different people. He's left handed, I'm right handed. I love pizza. He loves pizza...without the sauce. How can one like pizza without the sauce? That's cheesy bread...not pizza!

However, our differences in personality, perception, and handling situations helped keep us balanced during this time in our lives. We had a lot to think about. We had just bought a new house, remodeled the house, and now we were having four children. Our new house was nowhere near our family in Liberty. We knew we were going to need alot of help, but we were just settling in to our new neighborhood. Should we stay? Can we afford to stay? Dr. Adam had told us that by January, even if things were going great, I would go to bed. Hmmmph...bed rest...that is a novel idea. A reality that meant I would have no job. job...another interesting thought. A reality that meant we could not afford the new house we just bought and remodeled. What were we going to do? Then, there was the constant reminder from the doctors that my body "could spontaneously abort one, two, three, or all of the babies." Would we even have to make these decisions? Would my body actually be able to do this? Only time would tell and in the meantime, Robb and I would talk in circles. I would say "Maybe we should move home." He would answer, "Which room should we put the baby beds in?" I would say, "We need to each grow another set of arms to physically care for these kids or figure out a way to clone ourselves!" And Robb would say, "Don't worry about it yet, we don't even know how many we babies we will actually have?" Our differences kept us balanced. He kept my mind from racing forward too fast. He kept me from panicking about the future, one step at a time was his pace. And still, I kept him moving forward just in case we really did have four children, one step at a time (and sometimes two).


Candie said...

Oh my goodness! You're in Liberty? Is your head coach Shane Deel? I check Lemberg Family 4 most often. Let me know if you know Shane..