Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Agree to Disagree

We had talked ourselves to death. Worse-case scenarios and wild imaginations had led us nowhere productive. But, one thing we finally agreed on disagree. And most of our agreeing to disagree was driven by fear. We were both scared. We knew how we SHOULD react. We were getting lots of advice from family and friends that only left us more confused (as no advice led to the same conclusion). We knew that we SHOULD HAVE mustered up our mustard seeds of faith at this point (where did I put those things anyway)? Instead, our eyes were only fixed on the impossibles-those darn impossibles again! These impossibles plagued our thinking and they were sucking the life out of every conversation we had with each other. I wanted to plan the next year of our life out and have things set in stone. Robb wanted to wait until the babies were born to make any moves. And a move was exactly the hot topic we were discussing. Should we stay or should we go now? That was the tune we were definitely singing. It was difficult because we had a great church, great friends, and great jobs. Neither one of us wanted to go, but things were changing. And we had a mortgage that would be sucking the life out of our savings account very soon if we did not come to a mutual agreement sometime in the near future.