Monday, January 26, 2009

Puzzling Pieces

I was me again. My brain wasn't foggy. My chest wasn't heavy. The rest of my body was reeling, however, from a year of stress and illness. My body ached all over. My stomach hurt. My ovaries had cysts all over them. Yes, I said ovaries on a blog. Sorry! Ovary dialogue just comes with the territory! Anyhow, I was in pieces. But, the pieces were rather puzzling. One specialist at a time, I needed to check out all these symptoms. Were they connected? Separate illnesses altogether? I wasn't sure. All I knew is that birth control put me here and I wanted to get all of this behind me as soon as I could. I had not been sick as a child or teenager. Now, my body had decided to do its' own thing. A trip to the gastroenterologist would reveal that nothing was wrong with me, despite my daily illness. He said 'Maybe you're just stressed.' Stressed I had been, so I thought that over time I would begin to feel better. Trip to GI doctor...check. Next, I went back to my OBGYN to find that my ovaries had cysts all over them. Golf balls...that is what they looked like now (they should look like cute little pearls not something you hit off of a tee box). So, he prescribed more birth control pills. I KNOW! Are you kidding me? I wondered how he even could suggest such a thing after everything I had been through. BUT, he assured me that he would give me the kind that would not cause depression or mood swings - YAZ for you ladies out there. So, VERY reluctantly and only because he said it would fix my ovaries did I consent. Three days later I was crying on the bathroom floor and the YAZ was chunked into the bathroom trash.


Karen said...

I just caught up on your blogs. I can't believe we have so much in common for writing, connection with your mother-in-law, our Christian faith, children, and now the "D" word--"depression." You've hooked me, girl! Now, I just need to figure out how to subscribe to your blog. Blessings, Karen

Frank and Sara said...

(agreeing with you)......are you kidding me?