Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moving Forward

Things were different and I was thankful. My mind was clear and I was thoroughly enjoying Huntsville. We joined University Heights Baptist and began to make friends. Robb was relieved to have me back to normal. I really cannot imagine the fear he must have experienced the previous year. A lot of men would have said, 'You're not the person I married!' and left, but he stayed with me. He and I have gone through a lot together in a very short six years of marriage. Neither of us are perfect, but perfect for each other. I am glad to have taken this journey with him and I truly believe, had it been anyone else, it would not have worked out so well.

All in all, life was good. My health problems were very cyclical which made us question their cause. Sometimes it seemed like food triggered my problems. Other times it seemed stress related. But, then there were times when I felt great and then I would be deathly ill. The only pattern that existed was that there was no pattern. Meanwhile, my doctor had given me some hormones to take every 90 days. I reacted the same way to them: anxiety, heaviness in my chest, depression. The only exception was that I knew in 10 days it would be over. 10 days of pills, 10 days to endure! Then, I could relax for another 80 days. So, this is what I did for an entire year. We had always said that once I graduated, we were going to start a family. Graduation was here, finally! One marriage, three cities, three colleges, four majors, and 2 minors later- I graduated with a B.A. in Speech Comm and a minor in marketing. With the excitement of graduation came a lot of nervousness and anticipation about what the future might hold for us. But, we were hopeful. God had gotten me through a lot. I had learned to count on him as my Savior, my Deliverer, my Constant, and my friend through what had been a very scary and lonely time. For the first time, since I gave my life to him at six years old, I understood what Christ had truly done for me on the cross. He delivered me from all my fears. He physically transferred me from the 'kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.'