Friday, January 23, 2009

In The Details

Welcome to my blog!  It has been said that 'God is in the details', but I know how hard it is to believe that old adage when circumstances tell us otherwise.  I hope that by reading about the details in my life, you can know that an old saying is a present-day fact that you can cling to through the darkest of life's storms.  I have been a Christian since I was six years old.  Maybe like you, I have often questioned God's activity in my daily life - in the details.  Does He care what my career is? Has he hand-picked a husband specifically for me?  Does He really know the number of hairs on my head?  The thoughts and questions can be relentless!  Throughout my life, God has continued to pour proof of His existence, His love, His care, and His visibility into my life.  All I have to offer you is my testimony; what God has done for me and in me.  Through a personal relationship with Jesus, God has taught me that he longs to be in the details of my life as well as yours.  


Susie said...

I know we question God about things in our life as I do all the time but I faithfully believe God definitely knows what is best for each of us. I worked at a job for 10 years that I thought I loved and that one day I would retire from but once again God had different plans for me. Thanks to the good Lord above I now have the best job I could ever imagine.I also believe God puts people in our lives for a reason. I am now the proud nanny to three beautiful children. It is a joy to go to work everyday and each day on my way to work I thank God for this wonderful family. I also have the opportunity to keep my first grandson. I know the power of prayer and God does answer prayer.Sometimes we do not realize just how blessed we really are. A big "THANK YOU" to you and Rob for giving me the opportunity to keep your children. I love all of you dearly.

Jessica I know that writing is one of your passions so I say to you do not give up on that dream and go forward full force. I hope one day I will read one of your children's books to my grandchildren.